The facilities at Scarcroft Hall Farm are increasing all the time. The stables are large, airy boxes,allowing the horses free movement, and they are bedded up on shavings, and fed the best quality feed and haylage.

We have new cushion surfaces on the gallop, and in our indoor and outdoor schools.

We have a 4 furlong fibresand all-weather gallop allowing us to work the horses daily, as well as grass facilities. On the grass are birch fences and portable hurdles.

When the weather is bad, we can work the horses in our large indoor school. This is a great working space for young horses, enabling them to build a trust with people in a safe and secure area. It is also invaluable in enabling us to school horses over poles, hurdles and fences, teaching them and preparing them for their outdoor jumping. There is also an outdoor menage 45 x 25.

There is also an indoor 6 horse walker on a rubber surface.

We have individual paddocks for the horses so that they can be turned out daily, giving them the freedom to stretch their legs in a natural environment, and relax.